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Programs of SLV Foundation 

The SLV Foundation for Education (SLVFE) was officially formed and endorses by the state of California on November 1. 2002 as a non-profit 501(c)(3). The SLVFE works with the community in raising funds to support school initiatives through the San Lorenzo Valley USD.


SLVFE has supported twelve different parent-led school clubs, benefiting each
school campus (K-12) and every charter program. SLVFE makes it easy for clubs to raise money, while the clubs decide where funds should be spent.  SLVFE also managed the Food for Families relief programs to address dislocation and hardship created by the Covid-19 pandemic and the CZU Lightning Fire.

Past initiatives included  Class Size Reduction, chromebooks for every student, 
physical education equipment and library programs.

SLVFE facilitates honorary  scholarships and  other collaborative community projects. 


Since 2014, SLVFE has raised over $200K to support SLVFE goals that include engaging the community to support public schools, responding to emerging educational needs and encouraging collaborative projects with community partners and businesses.

If you have a project program or idea you would like to collaborate on please reach out. We would be happy to work with you! 

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